Thermcraft Rotary Tube Furnace 8.25″ x 72″L


This unit is in almost new condition.
1832F rated can easily be upgraded with new heaters to 2200F.
8.25″ ID heated chamber set up to accommodate a 6″ OD quartz tube.
480V three phase power, 33 amps.

Barely used in a new operation that was subsequently shut down.
Unit has:
K-Tron volumetric feeder with single screw and variable speed motor control. Afterburner.
Frame for holding bulk bags of raw material.
Furnace tilt.
Rotary tube speed is 0-10 RPM via chain drive.

Brand: Thermcraft
Temperature rating: 1000C – this can be upgraded to 1200C

Process atmosphere: Air / Nitrogen setup

Number of zones: 3

Inside working dimensions: Set up for a 6″ OD quartz tube.

Outside dimensions: 44″ wide x 56″ H (top of K-Tron Feeder) x 144″L. this does not include height of frame for lift mechanism / bulk bag holder. Please refer to drawings for exact details.

Volt: 480

Phase: 3 phase

Amp: 33 amp

Power: 27 kW

Model #: TRT-6-0-72-3C-J12894/1A

Serial #: 1312894/1A
Control panel: Separate from kiln

Controller: Allen Bradley Touch Screen
High Limit: yes

Heaters (type and size): wire quarter round panels 8.25″ id.