Prairie Ceramics Corporation is an integrated supplier for high temperature kiln and furnace applications. Prairie distributes a variety of materials used in kilns, has a services division that repairs and relines production and laboratory equipment and manufacturers representative for related products.

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We carry a variety of Kiln furniture, High Alumina fibers and boards, and other ceramic products. See Products

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Prairie Ceramics carries an large inventory of used equipment. View Inventory

About Prairie Ceramics

Since 1996, Prairie Ceramics has been an an integrated supplier for high temperature kiln and furnace applications. Read more.


About Us

Prairie Ceramics operates a 14,000sf facility in the San Francisco Bay area dedicated to servicing furnaces and kilns in the materials processing industries. Our technical staff includes two ceramic engineers (from Clemson University, & Iowa State) and a chemical engineer (University of California, Berkeley). Our experience includes over 15 years of equipment relining experience including extensive work on 1600C+ kilns lined with Bubble Alumina brick, fiber boards, modules, converting brick lined kilns to lightweight fiber linings, and relining both small and large laboratory kilns.

What Prairie Ceramics Offers

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