Kiln Furniture

Alumina kiln furniture is designed for high temperature thermal shock & chemical attack resistance. Chemistry varies from 90-99% Alumina. Processes include pressing and casting for low and high volume requirements.

Applications include support for firing of technical ceramics, pusher plates for continuous furnaces, and structural components of high temperature kilns.

Non stock items carry a 4-6 week lead time.

Cordierite is typically 45-55% Silica, 35-45% Alumina and 4-8% Magnesia. Porosity is around 25%. Cordierite exhibits excellent thermal shock up to 2300F. Some compositions of the material can be used up to 2400F.

We carry extruded hollow slabs as well as solid tile. Saggers and setters are also available. The most common uses for Cordierite is in firing dinnerware, tile & pottery. Cordierite is also used for kiln car perimeters, posts and deck blocks.