Ceramics for Microwave Melting of Super Alloys

High Temperature Low Density Alumina Insulation For Microwave Applications – LDA 1800

We provide high performance alumina insulation specifically suited for thermal processing in microwave applicators and furnaces. We offer several temperature ratings and a variety of standard configurations to match your batch process. Prairie has developed a proprietary method for managing stresses due to thermal expansion and pressure cycling to achieve atmospheric reduction.

The LDA 1800 material is base material used in standard configurations ranging from 4” to 30” diameter. Above 6” diameter, the insulation assembly is made from segmented components which are compressed together with an outer membrane allowing expansion to occur without cracking.

Our Hybrid LDA 1800 System Features:

    • 1800oC Maximum Operating Temp
    • High Purity Alumina without Filler
    • Low Thermal Conductivity
    • High Strength
    • Segmented for sizes > 6” Dia
    • Density < 30 pcf
    • Porosity 80% by wt.
    • Thermal expansion 5.0 x 10-6 / oC