Brand: Contemporary Kiln Quartz Annealing Furnace

Price: $15,000.00

Type: Front Loading Quartz Annealing Furnace

This kiln has seen very little use and is in excellent condition. Unlike most Contemporary Kilns, this unit is powered with an SCR instead of mercury contactors.

Brand: Contemporary Kiln

Temperature rating: 1350C

Process atmosphere: Air

Number of zones: 1

Inside working dimensions: 24″x24″x24″

Outside dimensions: 48″ wide x 44″ deep x 78″H

Volt: 240V

Phase: 3 phase

Amp: 55 amps

Model #: GSF-SC-2424-8

Serial #: 053008

Control panel: Mounted right on side, 18″ wide

Controller: Watlow

High Limit: Yokogawa

Power supply: SCR

Heaters (type and size): Silicon Carbide RR Starbar

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