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Brand: Unique Pereney / HED Industries


Price: $SOLD – but may be available. Relined refurbished twin of this unit available


Type: 1750C Electric Elevator Kiln

A large capacity Bubble Alumina brick lined furnace used to fire 98% & 99.8% Dense Alumina ceramics. Unit was in operation, and can operate as-is but will need repairs. The arch is in bad shape but is stable. The walls are in OK shape. Kiln cars are in good shape. This unit can be converted to Silicon Carbide elements depending on the firing temperatures required. This unit can also be relined with a lightweight fiber lining for the roof or for the complete furnace.


Prairie Ceramics can provide complete retrofit services on this kiln.

Brand: HED / Unique Pereney

Temperature rating: 1750C

Process atmosphere: Air

Number of zone: 3

Inside working dimensions: 39″ x 78″ x 36″H, approx.

Outside dimensions:

Volt: 480V

Phase: 3 phase


Power: 160 kW

Model #: ELK-54 with 2 kiln cars

Serial #: 10132

Control panel: seperate form kiln. Approx. 36″ x 24″ x 78″H


High Limit:

Power supply: SCR and Step Down Transformers

Heaters (type and size): Moly Disilicide

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For Information on Equipment, contact Owen Vaughan. Contact by email or phone:510.562.4200

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